Breakfasts, Office Meals & Gourmet Lunch Boxes

Breakfast Buffets and Platters

Being the most important meal of the day, we just love breakfast at The Flavour Kitchen and it shows in the huge choice of breakfast dishes we can offer to clients.  While some of our bread and muffins are made in house, we also use an artisanal bakery who supplies us with fresh breakfast rolls and pastries. We can also provide tea and coffee making facilities to ensure you have a freshly brewed cup alongside your breakfast

Breakfast sample menu


Office Lunches – Hot & Cold

The Flavour Kitchen is set up to deliver delicious, nutritious and wholesome food to businesses throughout London and beyond. All of the hard work is done at our kitchens and we can then deliver both hot and cold meals ready to serve to hungry staff, without the need of kitchen facilities onsite.

We tailor make menus to suit our clients’ requirements and we can offer a range of dishes to satisfy all dietary requirements and preferences. You can see some of our sample menus here:

Office Lunch Sharing Platters – Hot Platters

Office Lunch Sharing Platters – Cold Platters

You are welcome to pick and choose from these menus (so mix of hot and cold) or do get in touch and we can create a bespoke menu for you.

Our hot platters can be delivered in china dishes ready for service and for cold platters, you have the option to use china or sustainable disposable platters. We can also supply serving staff if required as well as tableware (plates, cutlery and glassware).


Gourmet Lunch Boxes and Platters

If you are having a working lunch and fancy some fabulously prepared, nutritious food for your team, then our gourmet lunch boxes and platters would be a perfect choice.

A sandwich is not just a sandwich at The Flavour Kitchen. We take put great thought into our sandwich fillings and use only the finest ingredients available. We also do a mean salad with a fantastic array of ingredient combinations and for those looking for something lighter, why not try one of our Vietnamese summer roll lunchboxes – lots of lovely things all wrapped up in a light rice paper roll with a delicious dipping sauce and salad on the side?

Please get in touch to see some of our lunch box and platter menus at or 07766820696.